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Micro flying wing

I wonder what size wing would fly well with the parkzone um guts?

I'm considering something in the area of 14-16 inches in wingspan, foam board construction and a kind of copy of the versa wing.

I've got foam and razor blades, tape and glue... I've never flown a flying wing, so I'll keep this updated as I make head way


Hostage Taker of Quads
Check out:


Designed for Champ guts, but should work with most any UMX bricks

I've made it's bigger brother (at 32") and really enjoy it. really sensitive to CG (aren't all wings?), but flies well.

It should be easy to make using *stripped* dollartree foamboard and a few small peices of CF rod. The foam they use (MPF) is the same type of foam as DTFB but a touch thicker. Because of that, I'd reccomend laminating two sheets together for the wing using *WATERBASED* minwax polyacrylic. Cut one wing, spread the polyacrylic, then press the peice onto a uncut peice -- keep pressed for *at least* 12 hrs to cure. If you slip the CF rod in the middle before laminating, it'll be a rigid lill bugger and fun for any indoor events, or calm evenings outdoors.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I am working on one that is 16" (Versa Wing style). Plan to use HK 1.9g servos, a 10g 2000kv motor, 6A esc, 5" prop and a 1S lipo and a postage stamp size FrSky receiver.