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Mig 3


Knower of useless information
Just some nice low and high speed passes with my Mig 3 on a fine breezy day. Love this plane.
The MiG-3 is a GORGEOUS plane, and flies wonderfully. Yours looked like it was just soaring gracefully through the air with no issues whatsoever!

I, however, just seem to have bad luck with it. 2nd flight out on the first plane, I tip stalled and cartwheeled it into the grass. 2nd plane, I went to land it, the landing gear ripped out, prop struck, and it ripped it in half at the fuse. 3rd plane, I was in the air, the battery cover vibrated forward into the prop and ripped the motor off in midair. I successfully landed it despite it not having an engine, and when I walked over to get it, I noticed that the front end of the plane was GONE.

Never found the motor or the canopy/battery cover; it seemed to have vanished in midair, unfortunately...:(
Well, you will note that mine does not have landing gear. They were casualties of the first maiden attempt (see video below)! In the end, I like it better without the gear. I also have added a small mod to mine - rubber band over the battery cover from one side of the power pod skewer to the other - because i foresaw the day coming when it would slide forward into the prop. I have been flying it for a few months now and no catastrophic crashes so far...