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Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer

A few things I came across with this plane.

The 3s LiPo batter seems to stick out below the fuselage, unless pushed back really far. Then there's not much Velcro holding the battery.

The plane was also very nose heavy with this battery.

After taking it for a test run, and nose diving it into the ground, I had to rebuild the motor mount. I trimmed down the height after the motor mount and made it a bit longer. Now the battery fits nice and has some clearance for better protection. I also had to add 3 penny's to the back to balance it out.

Just wondering if anyone else had these problems.


Yeah I had the problem with it being quite nose heavy, and also my battery was too big, but I am using a 1300 mAh 3s. I ended up just putting the battery on top of the wings, and under the elastics, just carefully adjusting the posistion until the CG was right.