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Mini Arrow Battery Fit Issue - Solutions?


Master member
Suggestions on how to best solve this issue?

It appears that the electronics pod is narrower then my electronics, as you can see my battery is to wide, and checked my receiver, and it is also wider.

Best solution I can come up with tonight is remaking the pod 2 foam thicknesses wider, cutting out the current one and cutting the wing notch slightly bigger.



Master member
I figured it out... apparently my print utility 'fit' all the pages and scaled everything down about 10-20%... somehow the groves were still wide enough to all fold just fine wit no noticeable issues.

my wingspan is only 24in instead of the listed 29 or 30 (depending on were you look).

Now the question is, should I just try to make this work (but enlarging the pod) or rebuild completely... (mostly a question for myself).


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This problem or subject has been addressed before I simply enlarged it to two inch width and cut out the slot for it as it is not really a problem. What you do is take a 2inch piece for paper rape it around you fuse area mark it out, cut and insert enlarged fuse. Been fly them and noted no problem. The attachment are a printed version of the Arrow fuse that I use but it would be very simple to widen a foam board version to 2 inches. Have at my friend and fly safe.