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Mini FPV Drak From Corroplast

Jackson T

Well-known member
A few days ago I really wanted to build something. I haven't finished designing my next balsa project yet, but I just HAD to start making something, so I decided to make a drak out of corroplast. I wanted to use corroplast because in my part of the world foam costs $17 aud ($11.50 usd) a sheet, and I'm saving up to get my glider pilot's licence. I already have some corroplast from a random election (yep, I've got politicians faces on my plane), so no money spent there. I wanted to make a drak because it looks really cool, and it's great for FPV. @Userofmuchtape&glue made a really good foam Kfm version, which inspired me. I'll be using an F pack for this one with two 9 gram servos for the elevons. Enough babbling, let's get started!

The wing is a simple Kfm airfoil, with some paddle pop sticks for strength, as the corroplast isn't that strong in just one layer.


All folded over and done! it weighs 80 grams which might sound like a lot for a 60cm wing, but at this rate the wing loading will still be fine (35-45 g/dm2).


On to the fuselage!


I will post more progress as it comes. Stay tuned!