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Mini Guinea Pig maiden went well until...

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The Hangar

Well-known member
I have been flying standard size Flitetest airplanes for a while now, but I’ve never flown a mini series plane. Also, I had never flown a twin engine plane. So what better plane to do next than the mini guinea pig - a mini twin engine plane! Well I got all my electronics wired up and took it out for the maiden. I was super nervous and was sure it would hit the ground in a couple seconds and be a mess. But I decided to go for it! Boy was I impressed! I don’t think I used any trim, it just flew so good. Let me take a second to tell you I was running on 1808 motors with 6 4.5 props and a zippy 1000 mah 25c 3s lipo, and that thing was FAST. Within a minute I was doing low full speed passes through a tree and tall post (unused telephone line) feeling totally comfortable. All went well until it suddenly started to feel funny, so I put it down for a rough landing in a dirt field. Upon examination after the walk of shame, I realized they the source of my problem was in my “modified” power pod where I had trimmed it down to fit a different project. The nose was also a little scrunched, but a little hot glue fixed it and the power pod, and the mini guinea is good to go again! I’ll try to post a vid soon.

The Hangar

Well-known member
So you used a pod from another plane and a new pod to make up for the other motor? Kinda confused lol
I had built the pods the pods for the Guinea Pig before I got a chance to fly it. Then when I need an A-pack motor for a cheap foam glider I converted to rc, I took one of the Guinea Pig power pods and trimmed it a little to fit the other plane.:)