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Mirrored images on flight cam

I had a odd/funny and almost tragic experience with my flight cam !

i was setting up the focus on my fatshark camera, when i got satisfied i went flying.

When i started to raise the quadcopter from ground he tilted a little to the right so i pushed the cyclic to the left; to my surprise the quad flipped over and crashed !

did this for 3 times when i realized something was wrong !! i took the quad in my hands and tilted left/right;

IT WAS MIRRORED !! i guess i twisted too much from the focal point of the lens and it inverted the image; i guess this is the only logical explanation for this !!

thank god i realized that before i got high altitude and crashed at the take off.

anyone had similar experience ? am i right on the explanation on what happened ?

the quad lived to fly another day :p !!!


Propaganda machine
Have you played with the camera more since? Can you fix it so that it displays the proper image?

I don't know much about cameras and the voodoo that they use to create the image, but presumably for over-doing the focus, there'd have to be another refractive medium between the lens and the, er, retina (is that right? That's the biological term... is it the same in physics?) that creates the mirror effect.
thats the logical explanation I found, since its a wide angle lens when u move too far from focal point it mirrors/flip the image.

Its all good now since i found the problem and corrected it ... i just think its funny and a issue nobody ever adressed.


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Yeah, it could be overdoing the focus but also rotating the camera 180°. And the term is "sensor". :D Interesting issue, though.