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Mobius video file name reset off for a new SD card?


I've been using my Mobius action cam for over a year for Aerial video & FPV, everything works good Except for the video file names.

Each time I:

• Put in a new SD Card
• Format a SD Card
• Delete all videos out of the SD card but keep the DCIM

the file name always goes back to REC_0000, when saving a video library to the computer this creates multiple 0000, 0001, 0002's and so on, confusing and wont let it save onto the same folder.

I check on the Mobius PC interface used to setup the camera, instructions and other fourms but there seems to be no settings or firmware update that give the option to reset the file name OR always increase it no matter what.

Point and shoot cameras / Smart phones increase the file name by default I would think there is someway to have this happen on the Mobius as well.

any ideas?

Use the Mobius setup tool mSetup v3.0.6.2 and type in the name you want to begin with, if you want to keep track perhaps a leading 4 digits of R001 to start followed by incrementing each time you access the storage card. Next time R002. This gives you quite a few iterations to go through AND no need for the first for to be decimal. Use the whole alphabet for more cards. (0123456789ABCDEFGH, etc.)
But it is rudementary. I had a mass converter program that would let you put in a variable length name and start number of file then increment that file by a value you'd set, can't remember where that went but I imagine there are plenty of options out there.

Here's a screen grab of the setup tool showing the box on the MISC tab to change the first 4 characters.

Mobius setup.jpg
Looks like a way to keep from having a heard of REC_0001's on the computer

I never noticed that video file name setting before until you pointed it out, thanks for letting me know about it.

I sent an e-mail to the Mobius Tech guys got a reply 12/14 they don't currently have an automated setting for it but their code guys where going to look into it.