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  1. A

    Motor stuttering

    Hello, I recently bought a speed build kit for the mighty mini, tiny trainer, along with the power pack a. I built the plane just fine and I have all of the servos hooked up correct but the main motor seems to be having an issue. When the prop is not on the motor, the motor spins fine mostly but...
  2. Mid7night

    Part FT Radial Motor Mount v1

    This is the motor mount I made and used on the Yellow Jacket. It has 16x16 hole spacing to match the new FT Radial hole pattern.
  3. Helixable

    Constantly beeping Motor

    I have made my first scratch build for RC planes. When I connect the ESC to the battery and motor, the motor constantly beeps. Right now, nothing is connected to the receiver. I looked this up and it says I connected it wrong, or my minimum TX throttle is too low. First of all, this happens even...
  4. MiniacRC

    Help! Long term solution to an F-pack motor upgrade!

    Hello y'all. I've been flying Flitetest and other mighty mini size swappable warbirds for a couple years now and I REALLY love the redbottom 2205 2300 kv. It outlasts my planes and hauls on 3s and 4s. But for the last year I've been trying some higher kv motors that my buddy lent on and off...
  5. IcedStorm777

    For sale and trade, GOOD DEALS! Receivers, motors, props, servos, gimmicks, and more.

    Sooo i have been loving building planes lately but have a particular batch of electronics that i haven't been able to use. These are all UMX things. So here is what i am offering. I have 4 receivers, two motors, a few servos and a few props. I am willing to trade these for planes, parts, FPV...
  6. TexasTeacher

    Weird Motor issue?

    Ok guy this has started happening recently. It happens without any input and when you do give it input the right front motor spins up much faster than the left rear and the quad flips. any help would be great. I have redone the firmware on the FC and still the same issue. Towards the end...
  7. A

    Help! Quad Copter motor and prop

    So, I'm building my own drone and I'm thinking of using a 4S battery on a 1.5 pound or 700 grams drone. I was going to use a 3S, but it's very hard to find testing on the motors that I am trying to get. So around what kV motor should I be looking for? I've been looking at the Mini Quad Test...
  8. A

    Help! Help with motor and propellors

    I will have a weight of around 1.5 pounds on my drone and want to know what motor with prop combination will get me the most efficiency with a 5500mAh 3c battery. I am new at this but am building a quadcopter that needs to be able to go around 1.5 miles or 2400 meters. I was thinking about 8"...
  9. Elijah R

    Help! Anyone know of a good 12-15 kilowatt brushless inrunner motor?

    Hello, Does anyone know of a good brushless inrunner capable of a continuous power rating of about 12-15 kW that has reasonable weight (under 5kg)? For a bit of context, I am building a drone and I need two motors like this to connect to the back of two gas turbines in the drone to output a...
  10. Ludus_fpv

    Spitfire motor + esc

    Hi! In the next month I'm going to build a Spitfire and I read at the product page that a Park 400 Type, 810kV minimumis recommended. I came from quadcopters and got some motors gattering dust and I wonder if any of those will be ok to use with the spitfire. I have a tmotor f60 pro ii, an...
  11. Romf

    Solved BL-Motor making strange sound

    Hi, after a crash of my Tiny Trainer the "nose" of the propeller (Spinner?) and the moving part of the motor (outrunner) had scratches. But when I turned it, it seemed to run perfectly straight. After repairing the TT I made a motor test and found that the motor sometimes(!) makes a strange...
  12. ServoCity

    NEW Hitec Servo! HS-488

    We're excited about the NEW HS-488 servo! It's based around the ever popular HS-485HB, but with some noteworthy updates! Click here for additional details.
  13. Mid7night

    Part 3D Printed EDF Duct - 1106 Gremlin Motor v4

    This is the print file for the custom EDF motor-mount-ducts that I designed for my 7ft B-52. It has been updated to work with 2" props, and has motor mount holes for the 1106 size motors.
  14. S

    New quad, no motors spinning after small crash.

    So I received my new Wizard X220s yesterday, and got the first sets of flights in today. Crashed a few times with no issues besides some mud that was cleaned off while batteries recharged. Unfortunately, after a very minor crash from a 2 foot hover, none of the motors spin now. Everything...
  15. N

    3D Printed Boeing Secret Stealth *PROJECT*

    This is my most ambitious project yet... I have had a 3D printer for about a year and a half and have had many attempts to create a 3D printable aircraft with little success to date. UNTILL NOW. I have been working on this model for a little over a week and it is to a point now where I am...
  16. L

    Horrible motor noise?

    I recently got into the hobby and built my first plane. It is a foam pusher with a carbon fiber arrow for a tail boom. The thing flies pretty well, however the motor is a little concerning. The motor does not respond at all until the throttle stick is about 1/3-1/2 of the way up, but then...
  17. J

    Help! Ft gremlin motor startup problems

    I have been flying that Gremlin for a while now (all stock EMAX parts from the FT store) It has been great! ...but, from the beginning, sometimes a motor or two won't start up when I arm. It use to be sometimes, but now it is always...I won't fly now. It isn't the esc, I slapped some hobby...
  18. C

    Power to servos but motor not running

    I had a crash earlier this year and had not tested things since it was cold (I only have one set motor + esc), I am not sure if this is a motor or esc problem. Everything was working well but testing today in a new plane, I connect everything as usual, the rx gets power and servos work fine but...
  19. M

    Not getting motors to spin up in CleanFlight ?

    So this is my first post to this forum & I am providing my first answer to this forum: This is my first quad configuration (for a Vortex 150) & have watched numerous videos & read the docs for it. I'm using CleanFlight for the configuration: I'm able to connect, I've defined switches for...
  20. A

    Build quad for the 1st time, need help, have tried everything and still cant fix it.

    Hello guys! Before i relate my problem i want to say that i have been researching for my problem for one week, have been testing and still cant fix it. So, i have build my first Quadcopter a 360class 8 inch props (i have a whoop also) and i ordered 5 DYS 2212 motors and 5 Multistar 20 A ESC...