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  1. Elijah R

    Help! Anyone know of a good 12-15 kilowatt brushless inrunner motor?

    Hello, Does anyone know of a good brushless inrunner capable of a continuous power rating of about 12-15 kW that has reasonable weight (under 5kg)? For a bit of context, I am building a drone and I need two motors like this to connect to the back of two gas turbines in the drone to output a...
  2. Ludus_fpv

    Spitfire motor + esc

    Hi! In the next month I'm going to build a Spitfire and I read at the product page that a Park 400 Type, 810kV minimumis recommended. I came from quadcopters and got some motors gattering dust and I wonder if any of those will be ok to use with the spitfire. I have a tmotor f60 pro ii, an...
  3. Romf

    Solved BL-Motor making strange sound

    Hi, after a crash of my Tiny Trainer the "nose" of the propeller (Spinner?) and the moving part of the motor (outrunner) had scratches. But when I turned it, it seemed to run perfectly straight. After repairing the TT I made a motor test and found that the motor sometimes(!) makes a strange...
  4. ServoCity

    NEW Hitec Servo! HS-488

    We're excited about the NEW HS-488 servo! It's based around the ever popular HS-485HB, but with some noteworthy updates! Click here for additional details.
  5. Mid7night

    Part 3D Printed EDF Duct - 1106 Gremlin Motor v4

    This is the print file for the custom EDF motor-mount-ducts that I designed for my 7ft B-52. It has been updated to work with 2" props, and has motor mount holes for the 1106 size motors.
  6. S

    New quad, no motors spinning after small crash.

    So I received my new Wizard X220s yesterday, and got the first sets of flights in today. Crashed a few times with no issues besides some mud that was cleaned off while batteries recharged. Unfortunately, after a very minor crash from a 2 foot hover, none of the motors spin now. Everything...
  7. N

    3D Printed Boeing Secret Stealth *PROJECT*

    This is my most ambitious project yet... I have had a 3D printer for about a year and a half and have had many attempts to create a 3D printable aircraft with little success to date. UNTILL NOW. I have been working on this model for a little over a week and it is to a point now where I am...
  8. L

    Horrible motor noise?

    I recently got into the hobby and built my first plane. It is a foam pusher with a carbon fiber arrow for a tail boom. The thing flies pretty well, however the motor is a little concerning. The motor does not respond at all until the throttle stick is about 1/3-1/2 of the way up, but then...
  9. J

    Help! Ft gremlin motor startup problems

    I have been flying that Gremlin for a while now (all stock EMAX parts from the FT store) It has been great! ...but, from the beginning, sometimes a motor or two won't start up when I arm. It use to be sometimes, but now it is always...I won't fly now. It isn't the esc, I slapped some hobby...
  10. C

    Power to servos but motor not running

    I had a crash earlier this year and had not tested things since it was cold (I only have one set motor + esc), I am not sure if this is a motor or esc problem. Everything was working well but testing today in a new plane, I connect everything as usual, the rx gets power and servos work fine but...
  11. M

    Not getting motors to spin up in CleanFlight ?

    So this is my first post to this forum & I am providing my first answer to this forum: This is my first quad configuration (for a Vortex 150) & have watched numerous videos & read the docs for it. I'm using CleanFlight for the configuration: I'm able to connect, I've defined switches for...
  12. A

    Build quad for the 1st time, need help, have tried everything and still cant fix it.

    Hello guys! Before i relate my problem i want to say that i have been researching for my problem for one week, have been testing and still cant fix it. So, i have build my first Quadcopter a 360class 8 inch props (i have a whoop also) and i ordered 5 DYS 2212 motors and 5 Multistar 20 A ESC...
  13. C

    ESC Constant Beep No Solution

    First post. Seriously need some help. I have scoured everywhere and cannot find a solution. I have a Naze32 rev6 FCB, HobbyKing Skywalker 40A ESC's, 2212 Motors, and a FlySky FS-T6 TX and RX. When I get power to my vehicle either through the USB port on the board, or the main power plug. The...
  14. N

    Help needed -- Eachine Wizard x220 MOTOR/ESC problem ?

    Anyone can help me? I dont know what is happening with my drone, but sometimes, in mid-flight one of my motors kinda gets stuck and the drone flips over and fall (video below). I didnt had any major crash, but i suspect it can be one of the ESCS. Also i have recently flashed Betafligt on the...
  15. CONNXT248

    Starting a high school drone racing club, need some parts...

    Hey all! My name is Connor and I am a high school student. We are starting a drone racing team to compete with other schools in our district. Unfortunately, the only multirotor I have (that isn't scrapped, more on that later) to practice with is a Dromida toy that runs FPV off of WiFi. (Not...
  16. V

    Hello I'm new and being so I'm in need of a lot of things like help for starts

    Hello I'm new to fpv... so I'm in need of a lot of things like help for starts Okay let's get started... First all I have is currently a set of brand-new e s e s that are TBS 30 amp Bulletproof with Simon-K on esc .... Now the question is can I run an F4 board with them and what motors will...
  17. M

    Motors, googles, batteries, ESCs wanted - Octo Gremlin

    Hi Guys & Gals. Thanks Josh & MrSteele for this great opportunity. I have watched a lot of youtube videos and have built my first drone over Christmas - 125mm frame, 1407 motors and am slowly learning to fly but using the wrong batteries (4s 2000 mah) at the moment and have no FPV gear. I am...
  18. A

    high voltage brushless motors

    I was wondering what it takes to change the voltage from a normal 6s capable motor to a higher voltage one, something like 10s. This is for a mini quad (250) experiment. I don’t think that it’s the size of the wire, because that is regulated by current. But, I may be wrong. Any ideas?
  19. M

    Motor Suggestions for Endurance Solar Flight

    I am looking for an efficient motor for an aircraft around 15lbs that is capable of low wattage cruise speeds. My background is mostly in airframes and design so any advice for a motor, ESC, battery system would be huge! My aim is to design the airplane around the best motor I can find (focusing...
  20. G

    Motor Choice for FT Simple Scout

    Hi Guys. So I am planning my first scratch build using electronics from a second hand build that I bought that was destroyed (By a tree) All the electronics are fine (Including servos) And i'm planning on using everything for the Simple Scout. My question is about the motor. The Motor is...