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(More?) Proof that a flight simulator is a good thing.


Junior Member
Camera from my AXN. I had no previous experience flying RC planes, but spent many hours having fun on simulator.
I was shaking for few minutes, but trusted my sim experience. :)



Old age member
Great landnings!
Seems to be a fine sim you are flying.
When you are done with the AXn then you have to try a wing for even more fun.
I wish simulators were available when I started flying. It would have saved me months, maybe years...

I still use the simulator to practice new maneuvers before risking a plane. I think it's a great tool. It also gives me something to do while on break at work!


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
It's so hard to convince people the importance of a simulator. They see that initial cost as taking away from their flying budget, but it actually saves money in the long run.