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More Rotor Bones/Anycopter love! FPV style.


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
Ok, the video turned out like poo.

But, I had an AWESOME time flying my Anycopter Quad tonight.

I have never had a successful, take off to non crash landing FPV flight under the "hood" the entire time.

Tonight changed that.

I opened a box of FPV gear I had on a shelf that I hadn't played with in nearly three years

I modified the dead battery for a camcorder with the intent of using it like a DVR to capture the flight on video.

I failed. The battery trick worked fantastic, the video was meh.

That being said, here's a few pictures.

936490_10201028623571561_291577824_n.jpg 1043983_10201028706293629_147308898_n.jpg 1044465_10201028705893619_1516095587_n.jpg 1044249_10201028620691489_724262345_n.jpg