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More Scratch Builds Vids?


Scratch Builder
i would like to see more scratch builds there cost effective and usually designed for fun
does any one else want more scratch build vids?

Flite test flies many kinds of planes but i like the delta wings but i've only seen two and haven't seen a build vid or review about scratch builds
I started with a horizon hobby RTF and trashed it to pieces...learning how to fly. I have since built 5 scratch builds that have gotten progressively better and better...And very affordable I might add. I love the Mikey's fpv review and would love to see more scratch plans like that reviewed. It fits my niche. HOWEVER, program is great. I think this is my first post but have been watching for a year! DJ
Love the Scratch built vids

I love the scratch built vids...what happened to the one you posted tonight....the slow flyer that you were fling inside the Josh Harriered onto the Heater? Please repost...that was the one I had asked you guys to teach me how to build!