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Mosquito-MK-IV - build


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More Build Pictures

Plane weight = 1.8 lbs
Engines x 2 + ESC x 2 + 22003S = 0.86 lbs
Total 2.66 lbs

Bulkhead template for over the wing.


Ready for top sheets.
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More scale than ripper.
48" Wing span.
2 x 1200kv NTM 28x26 motor.
2 x 9x6 APC props.
22003S battery.
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Did the maiden flight the other day, flew very well for a war bird. Have to reduce the Flap weight and do some more flights. I will now paint this bird. Looks wonderful with the retracts up on a fly by.

2 x 1200Kv 26x28 Engines
2 x 9x6 APC props, one counter rotating.
1 x 2200 3S battery

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Wow, you did a great job on that one. I'm looking forward to see it painted. If I ever build myself a twin it will be a mosquito.