Help! Motor Mount Help


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You will need a new mount because sadly there is no particular standard in terms of position or size of the holes. Do you have access to a laser cutter? If so you can cut it out with the laser cutter and if not drill the holes and cut the board out with a saw. I can make a laser cutter file for you if you need one. Also have you tried the matching up the holes on all possible angles?


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The motor itself will work awesome on the Fogey, however it did not come with an X mount. Sometimes the holes are not symmetrical on all four, two will be a couple mm wider then the other opposing two. Just a 90 degree turn of the motor on the firewall solves this one if you haven't tried. Gotta ask


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Looks like they sold you a motor without an X mount. It's like selling you a car without tires, way to go Emax.

The motor packaging says "Multi Coptor Motor." So not that surprising there's no x-mount. But the Flite Test Store says the motor is compatible with lots of planes. Way to go FliteTest.