Motor mount on firewall screws?

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What is the best/recommended way to mount the motor X bracket to the actual firewall? Using wood screws or nuts and bolts?

What is your experience?

Please see attached photo.

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The advantage to nuts and bolts: using a lock nut or a second nut on a long screw it will be noticeable when flying that the motor is loose either through an odd sound or floppy motor, way before it departs in flight


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Wood screws or nuts and screws will work. Over time wood screws may loosen from vibration. And with nuts and screws once you button up the fuselage it would be hard to remove the screws in case you needed to remove the motor. It may be difficult or impossible to reach the nuts. I use blind nuts and socket head cap screws. The blind nuts are fitted to the back of the firewall. You can keep them in place with a drop of CA, but they have barbs that dig into the wood, so that is probably not necessary. And it is easy to remove and replace the motor if need be. More resources for foam board RC modelers on my blog:


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Great ideas! I've been trying to locate replacement screws for a C power pack, previously attached to a Simple Cub. Most of the wood screws were lost when this happened. I like the idea of using bolts / nuts instead.


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I use wood screws and put small rubber washers made from tubing they use for physical therapy this way i can make trust line adjustments easily. I use the same tubing for prop savers ( as much as i hate them ) they work much better then the boughten type. Out of 6 inches of tubing I can cut around 90 of them.


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What size(s) of tubing do you find useful?
Is there a standard for the colors (sizes) of tubing? Or does each manufacture have there own system?

The blue tubing for the smaller prop savers bigger motors never use a prop saver, Ebay you can find for $1 something a foot and free shipping, 2 feet will make hundreds of prop savers.