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Motor specs explained...

My buddy and I were down in the workshop going through our motor collections to get a project off the ground (literally) and after looking at many motors I realized I have no idea how to read or select a motor. I understand kv ratings, but the rest boggles my mind.

Example, I have a Turnigy D2826-6 1400kv motor and a D2836-11 750kv motor.

I know that one will spin almost twice as fast given the same power as the other, but what else can I get from these numbers. Do they actually translate to something or are they just model numbers?

Also for my Quad I used NTM Prop Drive Series 28-26A 1200kv. This would seem to me to be almost the same as the faster Turnigy motor, but are they really that close in performance?

Just a conversion starter.


More combat please...
On those motors the 2826 is the diameter and length of the can.
That and the Kv rating give you a rough idea of what you have there.
Yes the 1200 and 1400 should probably be very similar in performance, the 1200 allowing you to swing a little larger prop so a little more torque, a little less speed.

It should probably still boggle your mind a little bit because there is no standard.
So if you try to compare to something like an Exceed Rocket series motor the number looks similar, but is the diameter and length of the stator.

Some motors use a designation based on a comparison to a glow motor

And then there is the 370 400 450 480 type designation- don't have a clue what those numbers are even based on.
But there is a HUGE difference between a brushed and a brushless 400...

Probably why programs like Moto Calc and others are so popular :)
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