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Motor suggestions

I am building a nutball with elevons for some 3d flight and I want to know what a really powerful motor and esc combo I can get for around $50-60 that would be good for vertical flight and more power than the bluewonder motor.
(I have a turnigy 1000mah 3s lipo)
was looking at this motor http://www.ebay.com/itm/RC-NTM-Prop...222688?hash=item3a95cb2920:g:nysAAOSw7hRWOYV9
Thanks for the help!
p.s I don't care if it is overkill I don't want to be lacking power like my current setup
Heads up stuff comes with deans plugs sometimes called "T" connector, you would have to adapt to it or change it to fit your needs. I would not use jst on this motor, the wires on jst cannot handle the amps of this set up!


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Get the Power Pack C from the FliteTest store. It has way more power than you need and is in your price range. Or, if u don't want the extras it comes with, you can get the motor and ESC off of Amazon or Banggood.com for like $35. I flew my FT Flyer with a hextronic 24gram motor and a 500mah 3s battery with a 8045 prop and it had unlimited vertical. The nutball is lighter than the flyer too right? Anyway, FT's power pack C is my suggestion. You would be able to use that one in ANY of the swappables and have plenty of power.
Good luck