1. Foamforce

    Part Medium Firewall 1.0

    When I built the Mini Old Fogey, I realized that the firewall it used wasn't the standard swappable firewall and it wasn't the mighty mini firewall either. The new size also appears on the new Nutball and the new FT Flyer. I designed this one in Tinkercad, shamelessly copying the general design...
  2. BSquared18

    A Weighty Question about Batteries for Swappables

    Hi, I'm planning to build swappable models for my wife and myself. I have a few hours total flying time on my Horizon Super Cub S and Radian UMX powered glider. My wife hasn't flown an actual plane yet but is practicing with the Phoenix flight-sim Nutball. Based on what I've read, I'll...
  3. BSquared18

    Are the servos in Power Pack B digital or analog? Is the Nutball kit sold separately?

    Hi, A couple questions: Are the servos in the Power Pack B digital or analog? Is the Nutball die-cut kit sold separately or just as part of the 3-pack? (And one more, unrelated, question, in case you know: At the Flite Test store, once you have an item in the shopping cart, how do you...
  4. WindWalkerFPV

    1st Year Flying - Crashes / Close Calls / Progression

    Please watch/like and subscribe.. I tried to keep this short but ended up w/20+ minutes of nothing but crashes and really close calls. ENJOY.
  5. K

    FT snowball rolls hard right and dives, HELP

    I converted a speed build kit FT Nutball , into a snowball with the conversion kit. I am using the B Power pack as recommended. The CG balanced, slightly nose heavy. On it's maiden, it scooted across the snow and took off only to roll hard right and dive into the ground several attempts. Can...
  6. B

    Motor suggestions

    I am building a nutball with elevons for some 3d flight and I want to know what a really powerful motor and esc combo I can get for around $50-60 that would be good for vertical flight and more power than the bluewonder motor. (I have a turnigy 1000mah 3s lipo) was looking at this motor...
  7. tmack

    Nutball Build

    My son and I just built a Nutball this weekend. It was pretty windy for flying, but we flew anyway. Next weekend there is an indoor flying event so we are looking forward to that as well. Here is how we outfitted our NutBall. I bought a 5 pack of power pods and should have bought the laser...
  8. B

    808 Keychain Camera

    First post! Just starting the RC Plane hobby with previous quad-copter experience with the Hubsan H107L. I got a Keychain Camera from China through Amazon to test out once I can keep my plane in the air for more than 10 seconds. Its the swap-able nutball scratchbuilt. Anyone had success with...
  9. B

    built a FT Nutball this morning

    So I decided to build a nutball this morn. I have yet to fly it as it's windy here at the time of posting this. Not mention yesterday when I crashed my delta i cracked the firewall, So I fabbed one out of plastic.
  10. A

    Help with FT Nutball flying. I'm a newbie.

    Firstly, I'm in Australia, and we don't have access to Dollar Tree foam. The foam I used I think is around 50% heavier. After building, my CG was too far back by about 1", so I added a strip of brass to the front, and now it's about perfect. It does mean my plane is around 354 grams (without...
  11. J

    Nutball C of G

    Just built my Nutball seems fine except for two issues. The centre of gravity can only be made correct by 60 grams of nose weight! The only thing I can think of (as I followed the plans) is I put a fine waterproofing bead of hot glue - wiped off on the perimeter of the foam. I also wiped hot...
  12. G

    Aussie Nutball first time build

    Hi Folks, Just a bit of info for 1st time builders like myself in Australia. Having looked at the FliteTest beginner videos I decided to build the Nutball Swappable. I purchased the recommended hardware from Hobby King including the orange 6 channel transmitter. When it came to ordering the...
  13. M

    Problem flying a Nutball...A noob question

    To start with the only flying experience I have is with a Hobbyzone Duet and lets face it that thing basically flies itself. I wanted something a bit more challenging to learn before FF2014 so I built a Nutball. I am using a lazer toys Old speedster/old fogey kit (which is are planes I am...
  14. P

    How do you find center of lift/gravity for custom scratch builds?

    Inspired by the article about scratch building without wasting foam board, I am trying to build a larger version of Nutball with swappable holes for the power pod. I am also using larger sized elevons. Not having to print out the design, join it together with tape, and transfer it to the foam...
  15. Z

    Nutball elevons?

    Is it possible to add another servo and split the elevator to make elevons? :)
  16. X

    First Flight with the FT Nutball!

    This is my first flight with the FT Nutball and my first filmed flight. I am new to RC flying and this is one of the first planes that I have flown. Hope you enjoy it! I wanted to thank Flight Test and Josh Bixler for the swappable series and for getting me into the hobby. It is awesome how...
  17. R

    Newbie Question(s)

    Hey guys, love what I've been reading so far, and I've really enjoyed watching FliteTest. I had a Hawk Sky until a few months ago (got lost in a move, long story :p ). I've been wanting to build a nutball, and work my way up to an FT Simple Soarer. My really basic newbie question is, where do...
  18. RoyBro

    Speed Build Challenge

    Here's a show idea that might even generate some sales for you. Pit Josh Bixler against Josh Scott in a race to build a Nut ball, or FT Flyer, or whatever. But here's the twist. Josh Bixler does a scratch build and Josh Scott uses a Speed Build Kit. I'm sure it would be an interesting and...
  19. RoyBro

    Speed Build Challange

    Ok, this might even generate some sales. Pit Josh Bixler against Josh Scott on how fast they can build a Nutball. But here's the twist. Josh Bixler has to do a scratch build while Josh Scott uses a Speed Build Kit. I'm sure it would be a an entertaining challenge.:D Roy
  20. zev

    first build, nutball? what transmitter?

    I would like to say that I am a total noob, I have never flown an RC plane, I have no idea about anything, but I am dying to get into the hobby. so I am planing on building a nutball, (good place to start?) and I am unsure as to what transmitter to get. I plan on whatever transmitter I buy I...