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Motor Too Powerful/Heavy?

Hey Guys!

Have been getting back into trainers lately as opposed to pushing toward speed demon aircraft! and have just bought my first non-foam model!


It's absolutely awesome to look at it, and has been a hoot to build. Have enjoyed it thoroughly.

I have an issue however, the reccomended motor for it was avail. in our warehouse however the mounting kit for it was not! This left me no choice but to (Upgrade) to something bigger, now that the new setup is here, I am extremely worried it is all a bit much for the little bird, and 'Testing' will not be an option as a breakage on first flight would disastrous!

here is the motor I went with


Help Appreciated




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Keep the propeller down to 8*4 or 7*4 not to get more than max 200W from the motor.
This will allow for a smaller (lighter) battery and you will be flying the model - slightly faster than the suggested but OK.


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That motor in that plane take you back closer to speed demon territory.
That motor is probably equivalent to a 480 size.
That motor will most likely work fine as long as you know what to expect at full throttle :)

That plane would probably work great with a lower kv (900 to 1100) 450 size motor.

Not saying not to use that motor, it'll probably fly great, just like any other trainer at 1/3 to 1/1 throttle and just be a lot more fun at full throttle. I fly a similar sized 1400kv in my HZ Supercub. It's a blast to fly, but not a beginner airplane anymore.
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The little FC2812 with a 7x6 prop would probably get you close to the the performance of the recommended motor.

Weight of the bigger motor will not likely be an issue as long as you will be able to get it balanced correctly (CG)
Hey pgerts & jetpackninja, Appreciate the replys!

Yeah, I got the motor, and my first impression was "Wow, this things quite BIG!" and then, I bolted it to the bird with a 9X6 and wound up some curry into it and it was WELL powerful. Looks like I am going to have to keep my thumb a bit timid come flying hhaha! I might drop the prop size down like reccomended and see if the bird still gets along. I had to ream out the engine cowl hole a hell of a lot to fit the motor's head through with the prop adaptor and it still runs the risk of interference.

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You won't have any trouble. I run a Turnigy easy match 480 on my foam super cub as well. It still flies slowly except for the added weight of all my mods. You are looking at about the same performance on a 3S battery, I definitely wouldn't try it on a 4S unless you want to rip the wings off lol. That's a 1400 kv so you will need a smaller prop, probably a 9x6 ish.

Remember, the left stick controls the speed not the motor. Unless you make it really heavy it's not going to fly any faster than you tell it to. You will just have lots and lots and lots of power in reserve. If you prop it really fast it's going to have so much power you can pull too many g's without really knowing it and start to damage your air frame.

Welcome to the evil Balsa world lol.


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Haha, a case for expo on the throttle perhaps... :D

I'd run a 9x4.7 sf prop, converting some of that raw power into torque. With a less agressive pitch, you'll probably draw less amps too and therefore longer flight times on smaller batteries.