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Motor twitching and stuttering


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Hello, I have a furibee x215 drone from gearbest. I had 2 good flights on it, and now one of the motors doesn't spin. I didn't crash it or anything, it spins freely by hand and nothing is caught in it. When I plug it into betaflight and throttle up, all motors spin but one. It twitches and stutters and then fully stops and the drone beeps. Furthermore, I installed a brand-new motor and it still does the same thing. If anyone could give me guidance that would be great, as I am new to the hobby.

Thank you


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Considering you've already resoldered a new motor to the ESC and have the same problem, I suggest checking your soldering of the ESC to your PDB and verify the signal wire is also connected well to the FC. If those check out, my next step would be to see if you can read the ESC's via blhelisuite and even try re-doing the throttle recalibration if you're using any of the PWM modes. If you're using dshot, I might try switching down to the oneshot or plain PWM protocols just to see if that changes anything. Unfortunately, since that looks like a 4in1 ESC they're using for that model, you'll have to replace the entire ESC board if you have a bad ESC.
Hey, I have had literally the same issue. Two test flights in then one motor (motor 2) stopped and only briefly stutters then stops. Tried a bunch of things. Changing the ESC over now, will let you know if it fixes it.


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My experience has been that twitching happens when there is a problem with 1 of the 3 phases from the ESC to the motor.

I check this by disconnecting one of the phases to see if anything changes. If I disconnect a good phase I should see less out of the motor when I power it up. If I disconnect a phase that is bad I shouldn't see any change in motor performance. Reconnect and check the next phase until the defective phase has been made certain.

Once you know which phase it is, the next thing is to determine of the problem is the ESC, the motor, or the wire. For me the problem has always been a defective solder joint.
I'm having a similar problem. Tests in Betaflight work fine. All ESCs match in BHeli. When I test arm on the bench with no props, everything is fine. But when I add props, motor one will not spin up like the rest of the motors. It does twitch, stop and then I get one beep from the quad.

Could this be a situation of a bad single wire or bad solder joint? Could the extra power required by adding a prop cause a signal short? Really struggling to solve the problem.