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motor wire extension


Junior Member
Hi Folks,
A newbie here, just got my Bixler frm HK and going to start building soon. Just want your opinion on the motor wire. Im planning to extend the motor wire (some says its a 12-14 AWG wire) by making an extension wire and just connect it to the existing one to make it longer. Is this the possible?....

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Yes, but I would solder it in. Adding another connection adds resistance which can create heat. If you have a large amp draw any resistance at all makes a lot of heat. You also don't want another spot to accidentally pull out in a crash.

The other end of that is that added wire length also adds resistance. You won't have the heat problem but it does affect the power output and run time. A good rule of thumb when running wire is bigger is better. Bigger wire has more material therefore more conductors and will conduct more energy while running cooler. Shorter is also better. The shorter you can keep your wire runs the better it will run, the lighter it will be and the less there is to tangle.