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Multi Rotor Kits

Yes it feels very stable.

When I get my Gopro back from repair/replacement I will mount it and see if there are any vibrations.
I will order new props from Paul...

The overall cost for the 450v2 frame is almost as low as my DIY build.



Never catch a multirotor

Great vid with the Tx and all
I love your website with the build logs!

I have the RCTimer 450v2 as well (yet unassembled) AND some spare KDE 2220-L (924kv).
Nice to notice that you choose these motors.
I used them on various quads and tri's.

What is your experiance (besides the cable issue you found out ;-)
I intend to use the DJI NAZA on it ..
So far I have no issues with the motors besides the fact that wires can exit in 1 of three holes(nothing major)
I do have the same issue on my old Quad but not on the Tricopter. I have 6 more motors unopened.

I have no experience in the DJI family - but they seem very capable.