My 1st scratchbuild Maiden flight


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So I've built my first scratchbuild (sort of looks like Ultimate) and maidened it a few days ago.

The plane doesn't handle wind at all... That day it was way to windy to fly that plane. My rates were set to too low, the wind was throwing me everywhere, could hardly control it...
The landing was almost a complete failure :D

But you know how they say: Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing :)
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Yeah! I bet with you that it will fly perfectly smooth on a calm day! On a real calm day with literally no winds.

Nice build tho and I´ve always beein liking the design of that ultimate like stuff.
Wow, nice work! Looks great and she'll fly beautifully on a calm day. Heck, seemed to fly better in wind than my manufactured birds. But maybe you're just a better pilot, haha

Keep up the good work & I'd like to see another video on a windless day too.


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Let me summon the power of The Flying Monkey to resurrect this thread. Is that a BigFlat Ultimate?