1. Mr NCT

    Part Landing Gear Attachment Panel 2022-11-21

    This panel is designed to be permanently glued into the wing during assembly and then attach the landing gear once painting and trim are finished. It's supported by the leading edge and the spar on a swappable series size wing. The gear wire is held in place by small (3" or 4") wire ties...
  2. extra land.jpg

    extra land.jpg

    43% extra 300
  3. Dr. Looping Looie

    Mighty mini Bushwacker

    I love flying my E-flite Timber, especially in the snow, and after seeing the bushwhacker episode on Flite Test, I was fascinated about the small space they were flying in. And I really like the mighty mini setup and size. I dont know why nobody has come up with a smaller bushwacker yet, it...
  4. RC Lover

    Landing a Rocket Vertically, without Being a Billionaire

    Hi there, I've built and tested a prototype of the Rocket Drone (I'm currently patenting), equipped with a "hybrid" motor/engine. This could be an interesting way of retrieving the model rockets (water or pyro), without using the parachute. Please take a look at it and let me know your opinion...
  5. StatiK RC

    Super Easy MOVEABLE tricycle landing nose gear

    Have a scratch-build you need to put tricycle landing gear on? Here is a quick and easy solution! If you follow this step by step guide, you will end up with a landing gear setup below: ____________________________________________________ What you need: First, trace your 5-9 gram servo...
  6. T

    Please do a show experimenting with extremely short landing techniques for planes.

    I fly FPV in rural places where it's often very rocky, hilly, with trees or other obstacles everywhere. That means it's very hard to find a flat open place to land a plane, especially the somewhat larger ones (Skywalker, Mini Talon, etc). Some ideas I have in descending order of expected...
  7. I

    The Landing Net

    You are in a remote location and intend to launch your plane. It's a tree-lined cliff or other location where landing is impossible. No problem! You take off your backpack and deploy your Landing Net. Looks something like a soccer goal. Angled netting with frame that you fly directly into. It...
  8. D

    Flag Wire Landing Skids Article

    I have posted a full article on how to make landing skids for hand launched airplanes. They protect the belly, wings and prop from ground contact when landing. I have used them on many of my designs and they have been very effective. Here is a picture of the main landing skid on my Simple...
  9. dannyboy70000

    Post here your crash footage

    i want to make a landing or crash landing compilation on my you tube channel but i have very few crashes here is one of mine if you would like to could you please leave links to your crashes and your name and you tube channel if you have one so i can credit the footage to...
  10. T

    Grass landings only?

    I'm kinda new I have been flying for a few months now in real life and in simulation. I fly in not so big parks and do not have a runway. So my question is what are some 4 channel planes that are not super fast or big that can always belly land without breaking props or other things?
  11. A

    Dragonfly frame weight / other questions?

    Hello FT crew! Does anyone know the weight of the dragonfly frame? Also what is the spacing of the motor mount holes (standard disk, not tilt mount)? One more question, what is the suggested landing gear setup. (I don't think the supplied gear will work with 2 motors pointing down :) Thanks...
  12. D

    FT-22 Maiden Flight Disaster & Firewall Question

    So my son and I have been cutting our teeth on a Hobby Zone champ and after about a dozen rebuilds we were feeling incredibly confident so we decided to upgrade. Enter the FT-22: Okay, it was a little more than we bargained for! It's a bit of a rocket and I don't think my brain works fast...
  13. A

    Old Fogey Kit Landing gear wire

    This can't be right. Wire for landing gear in an Old Fogey Speed build kit. Couldn't budge it by hand. I could barely bend this stuff even in a vice, had to use a hammer. Certainly couldn't get accurate dimensions. 0.12" or 3.2mm Any other recent kits include this wire?
  14. T

    T28 to Swappable Pod landing gear conversion

    Pictured above is my idea for landing gear that was derived from a quick modification to some ParkZone T28 gear I had sitting around. (To the left is my beater gear that never actually works) I needed some more robust landing gear than the rubber band and bent wire but I wasn't about to pay $15...
  15. V

    Throttle Sensitivity

    I have tried looking around, I don't know of the correct keywords to use but... I just finished my first tricopter build and it looks like sex! i made nice foam landing gear so its a nice build for training. Though I'm having this problem where taking off isn't bad but landing it, is soo...
  16. R

    Tips on hand catching planes?

    I own a sky surfer and have been trying to hand catch in but all in vain. Right now i try to slow it for landing and have it glide on zero power to me but most of the time it flies past me or is a little too fast.does anyone now a better way? If you have ever successfully hand caught a plane...
  17. B

    Landing gear on flying wings

    Hello everyone, Might sound a bit crazy but has anyone thought about or actually made a good set of landing gear for a flying wing? I am quite keen on installing some landing gear or retracts on my Zephyr II or future projects. Hand launching a 2.5kg flying wing isn't too much fun and it'd be...
  18. Klonas

    My 1st scratchbuild Maiden flight

    So I've built my first scratchbuild (sort of looks like Ultimate) and maidened it a few days ago. The plane doesn't handle wind at all... That day it was way to windy to fly that plane. My rates were set to too low, the wind was throwing me everywhere, could hardly control it... The landing was...