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My adventures learning this fpv'ing stuff

hey all,
i haven't been around for several months. life got hectic, switched jobs after 13 years in one place. got pretty darn lucky and ended up closer to home and quite bit more $$$ to boot:giggle:.
over the winter started rebuilding the quad i had been flying the last time i posted here after my very first esc melt down after a crash.
ended up just building a whole new rig and over the last been diligently working at learning acro flying.
anyway, here's a pic of my latest equipment
20190514_192223 (Large).jpg

the quad is a hyperlite flosstyle, with a holybro kakute f7 aio, spedix gs30 esc @ dshot1200, matek vtx, runcan eagle micro cam and as of last week brother hobby returner 2306 2450kv with dal 5x4.3 props.
running latest BF release.
and hopefully here's a video
. turn your volume down, the mic on the little firefly cam is awful. this is my first attempt at youtube.
as always if you have any suggestions to help improve and grow. i'm all ears



Wake up! Time to fly!
Nice job mate. Flys pretty consistant for a fresh build.

Im not sure what software the eagles use but on the swifts you can change many settings and not just choose a preset.

If they did the same on those try these camera settings. It works good in all light conditions with only changes in your goggles bright n contrast. It also works way better when going full sun to dark shadow and back. No washing out or being too dark.

hey psy,
that vid was from the little 25$ firefly action cam on top the quad.
but i do have dvr on my goggles now from the run cam eagle, it handles differing lighting situations a lot better. may use it for posting in future.
are you going to make it to flitefest this year?
i'm going to try to, if the weather isn't awful.

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Wake up! Time to fly!
Flite Fest is not in the cards this year.

Between Bills Law and real life circumstances of the person plans to go with got shot down hard.
psy, very sorry to here that. was hoping to meet up in person.
your advice has been much help since i started this hobby.
hope thing take a positive turn for ya