Help! My build for a slow flyer < 30" wingspan


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I'd like to attempt building a light wing loaded plane with less than 30" wingspan on DTF. Basically something that I can fly slowly in my cul-de-sac when nobody is there :). I was thinking to doing a simple flat surface delta wing with these dimensions from a wing CG calculator.

Would this be feasible with the following list of hardware.
  • Frsky x4r receiver -- 4g
  • 4.3g mr.rc servo (x2) -- 9g
  • Turnigy 20A ESC -- 16g
  • Sunnysky Motor - 2204 2300kv -- 25g
  • 2s lipo 850 mah -- 55g
  • Dollar tree foam -- 90g
The list is what I have but I'm open to smaller batteries and motor/prop but not sure which motor/prop combination for this application.
I chose a delta wing thinking I can get the most wing surface to bring down the wing loading. I'd like to have a WCL < 4.0.

Or would I be better off going with a traditional RET design for slow flight?

Thanks in advance!