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My Custom Toolbox

My Custom Toolbox. Everything I need to bring to the field. On the bottom inside I have a 12volt battery and charger, 1 gallon of 15% Nitro fuel, fuel pump, glues and expoxys, tape, charge leads, spare props, paper towels, rubbing alcohol in spray bottle, nitro motor starter. On the top inside I have a 12volt car socket with switch, 6 plug 120volt power strip with switch, misc parts containers and my transmitter. On the top shelf is all my hand tools. On the side is 3 banana power outlet sockets from the 12volt battery for the nitro starter etc, a bracket to hang the starter, a fueling hose and vent for Nitro fuel and a voltage meter 0-100volts with banana sockets for battery inputs to test the voltages. On the back i have a male 120volt plug socket to hook up an extension chord to power the powers the 6 plug 120volt power strip and charges the 12volt battery. A large plano tackelbox for my LiPo's. At the field I have a 2000Watt Honeywell quite suitcase style generator that I place in front of my truck and plug an extension chord into the back of my toolbox to power it up. I plug into the powerstrip my chargers to charge batterys, play a radio and cool down with a fan. The Stanely rolling toolbox was $29 at Wal-Mart.