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My first Build

When you find out let me know. :p (Just kidding.) There are all kinds of sophisticated jigs and such but most builders use simple tools. I use a combination of a square and my eyeballs.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
You can build yourself a jig out of almost anything, (including FB), to keep the fin in exactly the correct place and properly aligned but this can be somewhat model specific. I 3D printed something I use on FB tails but it is for 5mm material only and only hold the fin vertical, (it does not do or maintain any alignment holding/setting).

If you wish to make your own jig just let me know. Whilst I remember a good jig can be used during transport to stop the tail members from being damaged/broken except for the severe impacts of course!

Have fun!


Aviation Enthusiast
I use a plastic square with the corner cut out for setting it all up then 30 min epoxy and babysit sit it with the square until it sets up. If everything is prepped properly ahead of time the tail should stay squared up. I also use a magnetic build system and will sometimes use different jig setups depending on the plane being built. The babysitting method works ok on smaller planes and it does take 30 minutes of your time.