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My first ft flyer and ft delta scratch build


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I recently got a DX6i tx and planed to build an plane, I built an ft flyer from 6mm extruded polystiren with an 1450kv motor and 2s 900mah battery.
learning to fly it was hard for me and painful for the plane but it finally flies and I can keep it in the air.
The first try I crashed the plane and bent it really bad, and I made another one

The problem is both planes when I don`t pull up they start diving and tilt to the left, I checked the cg to be as marked but sill same problem, should I move the cg more to the back ?

I also made an ft delta but with the same motor and battery it is way to heavy, it falls like a rock, I placed the battery in line with the elevons to have the correct cg.

thank you.


Dedicated foam bender
Welcome to the forum! strange that it is too heavy as it sounds like you are basically using Depron, unless it is much denser than the XPS type.
Anyway, so as not to get too technical, what is the all up weight, with the battery installed, of your Flyer? A little more detail on your equipment might help if you can't give us the weight...


Dedicated foam bender
Hmm, that doesn't seem too heavy at all. Keep in mind that almost all planes will need to be trimmed somewhat. Some up trim is normal, especially with a flat airfoil, as is a little to the right to offset the torque of the motor. Also, the battery shouldn't need to go back that far unless you have a really heavy motor, but if you are sure the CG is right...
I haven't built an FT delta yet, but I know on my foamy combat delta it needs a pretty good throw to get it in the air and a little speed to keep it flying.