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My first scratch build and help/opnions are welcome. (MikeysRC FPV V3)


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A few days before I found Flitetest I came across MikeysRC. My son and I both want to learn to fly and get his Gopro airborne. This plane looked like it would do both. My problem is I saw Josh B's build of the same plane after I had Mikeys cutout. I loved the mods that were done with the Flitetest model. Unfortunately I already had Mikeysrc partially assembled. I was able to add some of Josh's mods, anyhow heres where Im at and would like to hear opinions on how I should proceed. Any and all help is appreciated.

Heres my HK electronics ordered, if you see any problems please educate me. Also where does one find a GWS EP Prop (254mmx119mm) Its out of stock every where Ive looked or they dont have it.

3x #TG9e/22928 Turnigy TG9e 9g / 1.5kg / 0.10sec Eco Micro Servo
1x #TR_P25A/36903 TURNIGY Plush 25amp Speed Controller
1x #L2210C-1200/36911 Turnigy L2210C-1200 Brushless Motor (150w)
1x #T3000.3S.20/15009 Turnigy 3000mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack
1x #T7A80W/15164 Turnigy MAX80W 7A Lithium Polymer Battery Charger

Pics attached I hope. Thanks



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Grayson Hobby has 10x47 props 6 for $6.75 and you can get EXI props (great props) of the same size for $3 each at hobbypartz.


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Updated pics and a few design changes. Since I was in between Will's design and what Josh B changed I added my own touch. The one thing I didnt like on both designs was the tall rudder and the skewers needed to support it. So I designed a shorter rudder and doubled it up. Will it fly? Who knows but I had fun building it. Hopefully I'll have the rest of my electronics on Thursday to complete it.



Great attitude about the build! If it flies, great! If not, you had fun building it and have all the electronics to go back for version 2.