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My First Scratch Built Plane


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The inspiration for this plane came from a desire to take aerial videos with a forward facing view that didn’t have a propeller in the shot. After a few days of thinking, a design finally came to me and I then modeled the plane in Google Sketchup. The construction time for the plane was approximately a month.

The plane has a wingspan of 64 inches. The plane uses an E-flite 15e motor and a 30 amp speed controller and carries a 3200mah 3s battery pack. The plane has five channels: elevator, rudder, aileron, throttle, and flaps.

The first flight was a success! The plane only needed a little bit of aileron trim. Besides that it flew perfectly. I also performed a few flights with a camera mounted on the front of the plane. The video turned out ok, but I need to get a better video camera due to the fact that the video quality of my current camera is not up to the quality standards that I would like.

I also came up with a name for my aircraft. I call it the BX-1 Surveyor. B for the first initial of my last name, X for experimental, 1 because it is the first plane that I have ever built and Surveyor because the plane is designed to carry a camera.

Plane Design Structure.jpg




Plane For Flite test.jpg




Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Great job done on building your BX1 - Surveyor!

Looks great! Its awesome to see through the airfoil :D

Yeah I wanna see it fly as well! It looks really nice!


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I like my planes better when they are naked (that sounded weird)!
Your young so that is natural but as you get older you will find that planes dressed in a certain ways can be as exciting (if not more) as that first naked plane of your youth. ;)