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Looking for another plane that doesn't exist, came upon this one I am going to attempt.

screenshot (1).png

I chose the name PHOTON because it looks to be fast. Did some initial testing and decided on a good set of cw/ccw 70mm EDF to handle the problems. Will shoot for not having a gyro, it all depends.

Gee, it looks familiar, isn't that a classy Dark Star that I now have in my hanger?

Dark Star.jpg

1) Extend the fuse down.
2) Widen and lengthen the top engine nacelles.
3) Move the EDF's upstairs.
4) Reshape wings to allow large inlets for EDF.
5) Remove tail.

Hey, at least I now have got the basic plan down and can start building(by paper the engine nacelle).


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No looks more-or-less like a B2 spent the night unsupervised with a B1, OR the ghost of Jack Northrop is in some AI design computer at DOD

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I am hoping that my trusty slide rule solves the problems. But to me, this is my passion. Hard part is the rudderless to solve.

Each company is throwing out pictorial views of what it should look like. Really a head game to keep us guessing. Latest I heard, the DARKSTAR can cove 2 miles/sec. How can you even prepare to defend?
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Have been exploring paper designs of both inlet and outlet of the EDF's. Not only that, been cutting out foam to see what it looks like. Also trying to working on coming up with a static and/or dynamic way to see how much thrust is lost ? Want to see if larger EDF is needed.

As for rudderless, thinking about temp rudder first to check out if EDF's give a stable platform. Might be able to use my approach that I used on the X-47B to get rid of the rudders.