My First Slow poke build.


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Well what can I say when I bought my first slow pokes sport 40 building kit. In the beginning it went together extremely well though I did run into a few bumps along the way which is to be expected. When it came to final assembly it was mainly a matter of me building the center wing panel and the wings besides getting CA glue on my fingers all that was left to do was attach the wings to the center wing panel. This is where it went all downhill making sure that the alignment on both Wings was near-perfect as I went to glue everything I happen to notice that One Wing stuck out further than the other one with a little bit of a gap. Unfortunately by the time I tried to correct this the epoxy already began to cure. So I decided to get a really sharp hobby knife that I had and tried to do very little slices to get the wing apart without doing too much damage. While doing this I should have knew better than to stop while I was ahead but I was determined to get this done. Now granted working with my hands for so long I have hurt my hands I have cut myself pricked myself and poked myself many times. But let's just say what was the happened next was completely unexpected but it happened. While I was in the process of cutting the wing loose I should have double made sure where my other hand was and not thinking lol when I went to pull on the knife to get it out it got stuck even trying to be careful to pull it out. Giving it too much Force and you guessed it the knife slipped out and went straight across my knuckle right on top of my pointer finger. And sliced clear to the Bone. At first it didn't hurt and I did not realize I cut myself until inspecting the cut is when I realized I messed up bad. Luckily enough though I had some liquid stitches due to my ex-girlfriend being an EMT. Which did the trick but my hand and my knuckle was sore for about a month. So if there was a lesson learned here that is always to be extra careful with sharp blades.


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Ouch!! Glad to hear you're mended now, but you make a good point that we don't repeat often enough. Sharp things don't mix well with fleshy things. If something needs more force to cut, switch tools to a saw.