My Foamboard Creations...


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I will be posting here As I Build Fly and Crash.
My first creation, as requested by my buddy Trent....

A profile F16 with a tractor motor, and bank and yank design....

Power system is a Quad 2106 2150 kv motor, on 800 mah 3s, a unknown esc, 3x 9 gram servos, and a spectrum 4ch rx and 8 ch Tx.

Based on a tiny Die cast F16 model

20" wingspan, and 30"length.


And a second....

This will be mine, and the first will be Trent's.


Test flying the plane I found I had a fairly extreme tail heavy condition!

I didn't panic as she went nose high into a vertical condition, and managed to nose her back over with the elevator and land her in the tall grass. Only breaking a Prop.

She has enough thrust to hover, and pull out using a 5x4.5x3 quad prop.

I moved the CG forward an inch and test flew. Much better but I ended up losing her and she spiraled to her death breaking the nose off at the cockpit bubble.


Repaired and ready for another test flight!

You can see how far forward I moved the battery based on the velcro on the fuse.



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Your profile F-16 is really nice. I like how clean and simple it is. The tractor may change the traditional jet look a bit, but for a profile plane already doesn't look super scale to begin with so I think it looks cool, and probably makes CG easier and gets rid of the need to cut out any of the wing for a slot. Flies great too!


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Agreed. Battery is dead over the C.G. She fly's with as large as a 1300mah 3s, and gets 5 min with a 800mah 3s. Def fly's better on the 800 IMO.

W did find its limits though and the 1300 is the absolute max. She snapped out of the bottom of a loop without the wingtip's.

She weighs in @9.3 oz with a 800(2.3oz) and a bit heavier with the larger pack. (3.6oz)

A 1.3oz difference makes a hug difference when you are talking 20" wingspan.