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my foray into FPV

one of my first attempts at fpv. I'm flying via a laptop screen, the image is fed from the Fat shark goggles. I'm not using the goggles yet as I get disorientated and end up getting lost as I have found to my cost! as soon as I get an OSD I'll have a go with the goggles. The reciever is set up with failsafe set at 3/4 throttle and return to home function enabled. Anyway heres a list of specs

Bixler2 - no mods
spektrum 2.4ghz DX8 with ar8000 full range receiver and satellite receiver
Spektrum TM 1000 telemetry
FY31AP flight controller with GPS module
Fatshark 5.8ghz 600mw video transmitter with rubber duck antenna
fatshark 5.8ghz goggles with rubber duck antenna
808 #16 720p HD key cam with fisheye lens (the image is recorded onto a 1GB micro SD card and transmitted at the same time via the video out function)
2200mah 3s lipo (gives me about 20mins flight time)
Amcap direct show video and still capture
EasyCAP USB 2.0 Video And Audio Capture Card