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My FT Spear

This was my first foamboard FT build (I have an electrohub copter awaiting completion), and so my technique isn't as polished as J. Bixler, but I managed to get it built, in only twice the estimated time! :)

I took her out on her maiden today, still need a little tuning. I set my rate a bit low and didn't have much throw, but she still flew solidly. One hinge joint is a bit heavy on the glue, so I may need to re-do the hinges. Couple scrapes on the nose/belly, a little leading edge ding, a busted prop, and some fixable damage to the fins, which I'd planned to reinforce anyway. One thing, though... this sucker is a bit fast for the little field behind our office. ZOOM!

After a few repairs to the fins, I decided to scrap 'em, as I figured the glue was starting to add up, weight-wise.
I removed the old ones, and used 'em as a template on some black foamboard, so now she's brown all over, with black winglets.
I'm also going to pull the little wood tabs and use some tiny neo magnets to secure the hatch... might replace the hatch with black FB too... thinking about using a white gel pen to draw a Jolly roger on it, go for a pirate theme.

Also, gonna program the esc brake, so it'll be easier on props.


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Nice mate! I built one out of HK XPS foam, AUW was 700g with battery and the motor had a bout 1300g thrust so it was nuts... loud as. The motor got so hot it burnt a hole in the motor mount... :oops:

Do you plan to FPV yours?

I'd like to. At the moment I'm not near the little field any more, and work in my home office in the woods. I may need to join a nearby club, which has a nice big field. I figure on using my mobius connected to a vx, and will need a receiver, as the only fpv stuff I have at the moment are factory stuff, like my DJI birds.


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If you can join a club definitely do it, I just joined one this past winter and I am waiting for the field to dry out so that we can go there and fly.
Here's a shot of the new Blackfin Spear. :)
I'm thinking about replacing the hatch with black board too, and either using a jolly roger template on a wing, or spray it over with chrome (except the black parts) and etch some panel lines and rivets into it.