1. leaded50

    DSB-LK - meaning Long Range Strategic Bomber – Flying Wing.

    Russian design idea by eccentric the Moskaliov. A Soviet Union aircraft planned in the 1950s that could fly at Mach 4, almost becoming the first hypersonic manned jet, sadly (?) didn’t even get off the drawing board. Moskaliov explored combining ramjets and, after burning six turbojet engines...
  2. flitetest

    Part FT Scout XL Wing Spar 1.0

    FT Scout XL Spar Printable Wing Spar for the FT Scout XL. Print with 10% infill and default slicer settings.
  3. jpot1

    3D Printed Wing - "L3D Wing"

    Sharing my first 3D printed design after hundreds of hours figuring out Fusion360. This is geared to LW-PLA and an F-Pack motor. Printed predominately in vase mode with very few retractions to ensure clean printing. My goal was a simple toss and go wing, easy to hand launch and fun to fly...
  4. Mr NCT

    Part Explorer Extended Sport Wing with Flaps 2022-02-15

    A longer sport wing with flaps. Gives a very gentle flight and great glide while keeping the ailerons. Built for a 3 to 5 degree dihedral and should have a reinforcing spar where the wings join.
  5. Spr0ck3t

    [VIDEO] The Cheap Flying Wing, Version 2! [Free plans + source files]

    I was surprised at how well(..ish) the first Cheap Flying Wing turned out, but wanted to fix the tail-heavy issues. This version addresses that. Here's a video of the second version: Here's a link to the Thingiverse page: What do you think of it? Do...
  6. whackflyer

    Plane Dominator KFm3 Flying Wing 1.0

    This is the Dominator, a simple build aimed to be a direct competitor to the FT Arrow, but easier to build. The KFm wing is very easy to assemble and the airframe is extremely tough, meaning it's a good plane for a beginner, or just a good first wing. It will fly on the A/F pack or equivalent...
  7. Joexer

    Question on a Novel Concept

    I have always wanted effective yaw for flying wing type design, but all of the "traditional" ways of handling this axis have major drawbacks. Drag Rudders are complicated, Differential Thrust is (IMO) crude and inelegant, Rudders don't have an effective moment. I began looking at flying wing...

    Help! Flying Rc Car

    Hi! I am thinking about trying a project to fly my rc car. I have a power pack C for propulsion and was planning on building the airframe around the rc car so that I could still drive. The car weighs a little less than 6 lbs, and I think the power pack C weights a little over a pound. I think it...
  9. MEBF109

    Help! FT Spear Elevon not functioning

    I recently purchased the FT Spear -a pusher configuration wing-, and for some reason, I have not been able to make the elevons work. My remote, a Spektrum DX6 should be able to handle wings, and I have tried 2 different receivers, both also made by Spektrum. However, both times, my elevator...
  10. duckduckgoose

    Ft Arrow Spear Conversion

    So a while ago I built a 120% mini arrow, which is fairly close in size to the FT Spear. It's a great flying plane but as arrow owners would understand, there isn't a lot of strength in the pod keeping the two wing halves supported, and they tend to get a spongy feeling. I crashed recently and...
  11. M

    Help! Airfoil for a glider

    Hi, im building a 2,6 meter scale glider pretty heavy. The wings will be cut out off styrofoam and covered with fiberglass. Its my first time cutting wing, and trying to fly a rc plane. It should be a pretty thick airfoil because i have to fit a 10 mm carbon rod inside. and the cord is about 15...
  12. FoamyDM

    Plane FoamyDM - Burgess-Dunne Flying Wing 1.0

    YOU NEED TO BUILD THIS FLYING WING: This project is a Great Flyer, Quick Build and only 2 sheet! This Project was inspired by the '20 Flite Test Forum Challenge (FTFC20). Since I have seen the model on Fidder's green, I thought the Burgess-Dunne Flying wing from 1914 is a perfect candidate for...
  13. T

    Binding Issues

    Hey all, I'm having a little trouble binding my rx and tx. If i could get someone's input, that'd be great. Plane: Eflite Opterra 1.2 BNF fpv Tx: Spektrum DX6e Rx: Spektrum A3235 What I did (Plane): Plugged in Lipo Put Rx in Binding mode Flashy lights came on indicating that it was in bind...
  14. _sundstrom_

    FPV wings and drones on the frozen river.

    Made a edit from our yearly meet up on the ice! Flying both FPV wings and drones.
  15. Snarls

    Chasing a Friend's Wing

    I had the chance this past weekend to fly with my friend who is a skilled fixed wing designer and pilot. I discovered recently that one of the most enjoyable forms of FPV flying is chasing other aircraft around. One of the things we rarely do with FPV miniquads these days is fly to higher...
  16. arovillard

    TTP-1: Single sheet Combat wing

    Maiden flight: I've spent some time designing a wing that was really cheap to build, very strong, very stable and capable of flying slow, perfect for wing combat!. The motivation came from having a lot of friend transitioning from flying quads to wings, so they can do it pretty well, but they...
  17. Z

    Blunt Nose Versa or Spear 3D print mod

    I am interested in making a version of either the blunt nose versa or the spear that has 3d printed pieces to allow for wing removal. I am in the beginning stages of brainstorming this and am looking for input. Something like the Parrot Disco would be nice (as I imagine some cross spars/rods...
  18. N

    First custom build

    Hey guys just finished this custom wing what do you guys think? Tx for scale 153cm wing span
  19. Jvitico

    Help!! With Pizza Box Fliying Wing

    Hello guys, big question and asking for help over here... I manage to build the pizza box fliying wing from Josh video... But it won't fly... First I build a medium size and not luck at all... Then I tried again with smaller size and nothing... When I launch it, goes straight to the...
  20. S

    Fist plane for >30 years started (foam wing)

    Hi it's nearly midnight and I have just cut my first foam wing for more that 30 years. New project will look something like this: So far I have just cut the left wing: I will be interested to see how it glides when the parts are cut before adding a motor etc. MH45 with a 57" wingspan by...