My Gremlin died......AGAIN!!!!


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I updated to Betaflight 4, and my PC stopped recognizing the Femto F3 board. Got things to work on a PC laptop, and thought I was in the clear. Nope.
I had added the MPM lite module (to run a BetaFPV Lite board) on the X-lite regular transmitter and had to do a firmware update on the X-lite to get that to work.
My BetaFPV Lite board works fine, so the transmitter/module is okay. I'm not sure if the problem was Betaflight or the firmware update.
X-Lite controller now shows a connection on the receiver tab in Betalight when connected to the laptop, but the quad will not arm or respond when it's disconnected. This is with the module attached, but the Gremlin is set up on the internal side, not the module.
As long as the module isn't set up on the selected model, it should be okay to leave it connected/attached, right?
I ran a firmware update tonight on the XM+ receiver, but that changed nothing.
I'm thinking I may have to wipe the slate clean on the X-lite and go back to the factory settings and erase the 2 models I have set up.