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My mini FPV Quad


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I wanted to do a mini FPV Quad and did not find a detailed setup of what could be done, so here is mine which works pretty good.

Frame: Bambucopter miniquad classic. It's a nice almost unbreakable frame but as an alternative you can take the dialfonzo mini frame too it may be stiffer. But the price of the bambucopter is really nice: 23$
Mod: Replaced the bottom plate with a landing gear which adds stability and is really tough too: 1.87$ here Get 2 for the price (even if after numerous crashes I did not manage to break it :))
Only use epoxy or hot glue on this frame if needed (block the screws it's important because some holes are not quite 3mm)

Motors: A1510 2200kv get them here for 10.78$ (incl. sh.) each (if you order 4).
Mod: Some reported that the included prop adapters are sometimes crooked so for safety order an extra 5 pack here 5.2$ (incl. sh.)

ESC: Any 10-12A Esc should fit, the best would be to order some that can be flashed like the Blueseries but as they were not in stock I bought the Pentium 12A from Giantshark and they are ok 57.31$ for 4 (expensive but they deliver quickly unlike all the chinese stores).

Props: 2 bladed Gemfan 5x3, get them here 7.11$ inc. sh. the pack of 4 or if you find cheaper elsewhere please share. Those are really tough and stock balanced.
Stay away from the 5x3 from hobbyking they are crap. The Gemfan 5x3 3 bladed do not serve any purpose, the test was made on the bambucopter topic and they are not better then the 2 bladed ones.

Lipo: 1300mah 3S nanotech. 8.87$ I use a tight velcro strap to slide the lipo.

Controller Card: The simple yet powerful KK2 30$


At first I went on the cheap side which is never a good idea with FPV :)

Camera: I chose this one from ebay 36.19$ incl sh. It's ok and has a regulator which is handy because you can power it directly from the 3S lipo, it has internal Mic also.
But If you can afford it, get this one from readymaderc 50$ and never in stock. Or this one but feed it with 5V (from your receiver for example)

Tx: I wanted something light and took this one from ebay 27.39$ and even got a partial refund after a complaint because on the product 200mw is stated and not 300mw (it doesn t have 1280Mhz either). After some tests it works but even with a LC filter I could not get rid of the ESC interferences so I installed a good old Fox-800 which is only 6g heavier and the picture is nice. So go for the fox-800 or as usual some quality/expensive stuff from readymaderc 43$.

As an alternative you can buy some 5.8ghz stuff which may be a better idea if you use 2.4Ghz RC like me (I had one failsafe crash)
Tx/Rx + antennas.


I plug the fpv gear on the balance connector and added a LC filter (Ferrite Ring+ 470uF Capacity)

Antenna: I currently use a standard rubber duck which works fine but is heavy, I will retune my turtleneck dipole to 1280Mhz (it was first made for the cheap ebay Tx)

This nasty bug will rip through the air, it's a fun platform which can take some beating so use this instead of your big HD Hero Quad with 10" props to try your first FPV rolls and loops :p

FPV Flight video


Nice build!

Also 1.2 GHz and 2.4 GHz dont work that well together, some people can solve this problem by using filters but some cant. If you really want to fly with 1.2 GHz fpv just buy an 35/75MHz radio or a much more expensive UHF system.


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Problem with UHF is that the receivers are expensive (I already have 3 Dragonlink) and heavy! I am at my weight limit here.

But I'll test a 5.8Ghz kit in the next weeks we'll see how it goes.