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my new fpv quad design ;)

I wanted a simple, powerfull, rugged quad platform. needed to be easy to service/repair. i decided to build my own design, its heavily influenced by the qav series quads

ive lent out my gorpo so no flight footage or fancy pics :(, but it flies good, just got my thumbs to tune now ;)

(the real of wire is exactly the same weight as a grpro!)

2 cf 1mm sheets and 4 cf 10mm rods make up the base frame, very ringed and only 120grams. quick easy build to.
i used afro esc's there nice plug and play options, fly the same as the latest simonk flashed hobby king f-20a's

i have qav dampers under a 4mm plywould deack. kk2's working well in this awesome case by BMSweb!!

motor mounts/heatsinks, make swaping motors/barings/arms pritty quick

and the legendary propdrive 2826! 1200 kv 4s 8inch rctimer cf props,

flight footage coming whenever my gopro gets returned (hopeful early next week)
cad drawings available if people want them
thanks again to BMSweb his kk2 case, ive been looking for one for ages!


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. . . thanks again to BMSweb his kk2 case, ive been looking for one for ages!
WOW :D You're very welcome!! It's the first time I've seen one of these on someone else's quad :) nice build BTW. Thomas told me about this thread today . . sorry for being so late with this reply.