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Not sure if I have ever shared this here but one of my other hobbies is playing music. I am primarily a bass guitarist but also play guitar and sing a little bit too. Been playing bass about 25 years now. I've got a 2nd channel called Wikiperkya that you all are welcome to check out. Don't update it all that often but I do have some music stuff on there. Here's the channel link:

And here are a few bass covers I have done:

I want to eventually clean up how I do my bass covers and do a more direct recording of the bass into the camera's line input. I just need a camera capable of that first. All these were recorded with just the mic from my cell phone.


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Nice job mate.

I been messin around recording direct thru the cellphones mics.

I have a set of yamaha studio monitors on top of the dresser in my bedroom I connect my mp3 player to.

Then I set my celli up on the second drawer down so the music shoots over top of it. That faces me and the amp rig I use.

Volume levels are not much over normal tv level listening so it does not get all distorted.

Then I do a couple short clips of what I am working on to get the balance I want. Be aware if you move around when you play amp volumes will change depending how much you block with your body.

After i get the recording I like final volume adjustment gets done in the computer where I rip the video for you tube standards.

Edit. You just have be aware how close to the phone you get so it does not pic up pick noise as you strum
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I was going out weekends when we were in port in Norfolk to see a band called Hooker.

Scott Travis was drumming for them for about 8 months before he got the gig with Racer X.

Few years later he became Priests drummer and was firmly planted in history.