My short point of view of Walkera Magic Cube MTC-01 with Ladybird

Since that thing is already discussed on rc groups here:
and also some stupid comments from me here: (and the following)

I want to sum up my experiences gathered the last weeks with it.

Why did I buy it:
Because the weather is getting bad and I decided to have some ladybird indoor fun without using some crappy rtf transmitter and not spend extra money for a big devo tx.
EDIT: I bought a ladybird rtf kit last christmas as a present and was not overwhelmed by the transmitter (too tiny for me) but I was convinced by the flying characteristics of the palm sized ladybird. So it was a major buying decision for me in the shop that I have the possibility (with MTC-01) to use my "normal" - non devo TX. The clerk told me that the BNF versions would have a better onboard firmware than the RTF kits - I guess that was sales talk.

What were my expectations:
Have a full working/full (at least good) range transmitter by upgrading my flysky 9x (running er9x FW already, along with frsky DHT-U) with the MTC-01 module. Maybe also try out that advertised android stuff.

The range of that module is perfect for indoor but on my outdoortest my ladybird always fell into the grass at about 15m (measured by foot) due to loss of RC contact. So that's a little bit disappointing because I still have good visual orientation in that distance of that little thing. Maybe there are some modding possibilities to increase range. I learned on rc groups that I was lucky that my flysky(turnigy) was already flashed with er9x FW otherwise I wouldn't have been able to change the channelorder - and that is necessary for the ladybird (see second link).
Getting the android app from the walkera site was a nightmare and I finally got hold of some app version from an hirobo site. Well I was not able to make that app work in mode 2 and the phone tilting steering was incompatible (samsung s1) with my brain. The next thing I tried was to put the ladybird in acro/gyro mode - I failed in doing so - maybe I will try that again :) - most probably my fault and not the fault of the MTC-01 module.
I read on rc groups that the initial firmwares of the cube could be dangerous and do full throttle or something like this. Well I bought it a few weeks ago (12th Oct) and got probably a Magic Cube with a more advanced FW, because I've not experienced any crazy/unexpected or dangerous behaviour (except from signal loss at about 15m).

My over all rating: Mediocre (5 out of 10)
Would I buy it again: Yes, knowing the limitations, but having my own transmitter (with D/R, EXPO etc) to have great indoor fun (already made a nice obstacle course..) with precise steering.

Who should not buy it:
People that already have a decent Devo radio.
People who expect to only android steer it.
People who are not willing to fiddle with their radiosettings or having a radio that can not change the channels (like elevator and aileron)
People that expect a line of sight range.

What the cube should have been in my eyes:
Gimme MORE range! Come on, nobody wants to hurt devo transmitter sales but giving me 50m range would have made it a 7 of 10 product for me.
If Android app then a perfectly working mode 2 in the app. Don't advertise that app stuff with dead links.

What the cube could be in its' current state without hardware modifications IMHO:
Since you could also plug the cube into the PC soundcard output it would be a perfect research platform (PC + MTC-01 + Ladybird + some cams) for 3D visual motoric/copter feedback/visual tracking stuff (maybe some reflective paint or IR diodes needed).

I hope my short review is somehow useful and I didn't misjudge that nifty little thing.
My own critic to my critic: I guess I am an too old fart(40+) for this forum and really like the stick steering and didn't spend too much time on that android app stuff.

Just presenting my personal impression here.

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I am still struggeling to put my ladybird into acromode and already asked here:
Maybe someone could help me on that subject?

Edit: Problem solved (!
Put your TX in 8ch ppm mode and assign a switch to channel 7. You will be able to switch between the modes. Note: The Acromode resembles to the Horizon mode in multiwii, so it will level itself most the time but become acro on the edges of your ail/elev stick.
EDIT: The Phone app can now be found hasslefree in the walkera "Software update" section.

Cheers Rob
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