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My story


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So today I got my brand new Turnigy 9x. Excited and everythinig.
So I quickly started to work with my planes to get all of them into my model memory.
I was at tle last plane. The biggest one. 12x6 prop, DT750 motor.
I wanted to play around with flaps and test all these things because this plane had each servo for aileron. I turned on the receiver, with it on I copied the memory of another plane to this one so I wouldn't have to set the same settings again. I had a throttle hold switch on. So I thought I was safe. Little did I know, that my other plane had throttle channel reversed. Once I pressed copy - disaster happened. Motor spinning full throttle, Transmitter not reacting to throttle change (remember I had the throttle hold on - reversed it's full throttle), propeller bashing very quickly into a wooden shelf. Its good that it was there otherwise it would have hit me. Quickly unplugged the batterie. Wooho I'm ok. Propeller smashed and everything... But then I turn my hand around...
I'm lucky it was just that. A small cut. But it could have been much more serious.
Here's what's left out of the propeller:
SO it's lesson learned: Don't copy models with 9x when the model is plugged in. Oh and yeah I guess TAKE THE PROPELLER OFF THE PLANE... It's worth taking a minute to do that. Believe me

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Good experience to share. Most people I know have been chewed on at one time or another by their own model, myself included.


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Medical green makes it look worse than it really is. It's not a bad injury unless you die. XD
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nice editing reason colorex!

BTT: Yeah I do have a scar on my left arm due to a similar programming stupidness! I was just trying to put in some expo while I had my Parkzone Extra 300 on my left leg. Oups just gently touched the throttle stick and hzhzh. 12*6 prop cuttin my arm. Luckily it didn´t rip my trousers or get near the private part :D

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Fly the wings off
I've actually never taken the prop off of my plane during any work activities. I know It's a good idea but I never do. I always use my throttle cut (now) or unplug the motor but I don't go so far as to remove the prop. Here's the result of my not doing any of those safety things and bumping the transmitter while taking a picture.