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My T-copter RIP

I went for a walk the other day and caught some footage from my T copter. Sadly i have had to scrap it as i have no room to store it here in Spain or take it with me to Mexico.
The electrics will come with me though ;) It was still using the HK401 gyros which did a great job at stabilizing.
Enjoy this short video :D


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Awesome footag you got there! Love it where you follow the guy on the motorcycle!! Really well done!

Did you just use 4 HK401? Because I really can´t believe how good they are working with you!
Yes just the 401's on the Tri. My quad has the Open Pilot copter control on it which is nice and stable. I had the tri built like Davids at first but i changed to the T shape as it was much easier for me to see the orientation. Not so important with FPV but line of sight its much better. You can see my first attempt at at Tri on my youtube channel.