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N00b building a tricopter


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Hi guys, i'm here with a ton of questions.

Firts a little bit of history.
My love for RC's started as a kid, with my first RC car, later i found out about combustion RC's (my head exploded a little) and since then, i've had RC Cars only, but then i saw a tricopter in action, and i loved it, not only for its flight characteristics, but for the looks, and the posibilit of recording muy club races. So i decided to build one.

Well, to be honest this is the second tri i build, the first one was David's frame, with gyros instead of FC. everything was going Well until disaster struck. Due to my anxiety to fly, i crashed it like 3 seconds into the maiden flight, fortunately the flying props didn't rip my face off.

So i build my second tri, not based on David's frame, or any other around, (i'll post pictrures later if it works :rolleyes: )
using a KK2 board. Works like a charm, except the tail servo doesnt respond, the motor spin, and react to the FC input, but the servo doesn't move at all, i tested it, and all te connections between the servo and the FC, everything is OK, but still have no movement.

Honestly i don't know where is the problem.

My setup is as follows

Trx: Aurora 9
RX: Optima 9
FC: KK2.0
ESC: Turnigy plush 18A
motors: 750kv (cant remember the brand)
Bat:Turnigy 2200 mah 3S
hobbyking 5A Ubec

On the FC, i set up the motor layout to tricopter and calibrated the sensors. The basiscs

On the Trx, i have an Acro model set up. i think my problem may be here? i have not set up anything else in the transmitter other than the trhotle range.

Can you guys (anyone with an Aurora 9) post your Trx setup? or point me in the right direction.
Keep in mind tha i'm a total N00b regarding RC flight, no experience with seting up a trx this complex (my 3 channel spektrum radio looks like a toy compared to this monster :p)

Thank you for any help you can give me :)


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yes, the servo works fine, i tested it before

Maybe this will sound incredibly stupid, but. The servo connects to the kk board right? not the receiver?
currently i have it connected to the board (i'll post a pic of my connections when i get home later)


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so, i did a little video of my settings, first you can see that there is rudder imput from the receiver, and then you can see that the board is not moving the servo, honestly I don't know what to do. maybe my board is defective?


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I read in another forum, that in order for the servo to work, i have to power the board trough one of the M ports. can i do this directly from the switch that powers the Rx? i have this one. switch.png
As you can see, it has two leads, one is conected to the Rx, the other i'm assuming i can connect it to the board? won't it short out? Should i disconnect the positive lead from the connectors from the Rx?


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Sweet, i got it to work! =D, as it turns out, all i had to do was apply power to the M2 port, because no power was getting to the servo. i connected the positive lead on one of my ESC's, and worked perfectly =D
Time to balance some props yay!