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*NAME YOUR PRICE* Futaba 6J with 2 RX's


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This is the Futaba 6J 2.4Ghz. It was bought in May of 2011 and is great for parkflying. It comes with 2 R2006GS 6ch RXs. One of the RX's has a white mark on it but it doesnt affect the performance at all. Never once have i lost signal with this radio! It has minor scratches on it but no big marks or anything. Comes with manuel. CONUS ONLY



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how much you looking for? I might want it! I suppose $75 would be insulting.

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Futaba 6j and 2 recievers

How about $ 100 and you pay for shipping or about $113 and I pay for shipping. I am not 100% sure on how much shipping will cost but I expect it to be about $10 to ship and $3 for shipping insurance.