Naza-M Lite Orange flashing.


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Hello i recently bought a new quadcopter in parts and they will be listed in the end.

So, i wired everything up to what i thought was right and when i bind the Tx with the Rx the LED starts flashing orange or potentially red.
The power setup i use is the Linear BECs on the ESCs disabled by removing all the red wires and instead i use the v-sen module that comes with the Naza-M Lite connected to the X3 channel port, that should make it so that data over voltages is recieved according to DJI Assistant software.
Also, my Orange r615x is connected with the cables that came with the Naza, i had to cut off the edges that is makes them only fit one way because the r615x has no grooves for that. Then i Hooked up the LED cable to the LED port in the Naza.
I read the instructions in the manual for binding the Orange T-SIX Tx to the transmitter and successfully got the reciever light to constantly light up, BUT all i see after that is orange flashing from the LED. That is supposed to mean that the Tx signal is lost.
After googling around if found out that the Trainer switch also need to be held down while powering on the Tx for the BIND mode to activate, this made no difference and i got the same bind as before. Note that the red light turned of when i powered off the Tx accordingly.

I then downloaded the DJI Naza-M lite assitant software from their website and tried plugging in the LED deviced micro usb port to my computer, the green light turned green which means that USB connection is successful. Again according to this

In the program the light in the bottom left is not lighting up and every status says NONE. So it seems like the connection is not successful.

So as you see i have alot to figure out and i can't seem to find the one solution after 2 days of troubleshooting.

Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack
OrangeRx R615X DSM2/DSMX Compatible 6Ch 2.4GHz Receiver w/CPPM
DJI Naza-M Lite Multi-Rotor Flight Controller GPS Combo
OrangeRx T-SIX 2.4GHz DSM2 Compatible 6CH Transmitter w/10 Model Memory and 3-Pos Switch (Mode 2)
Afro ESC 30Amp Multi-rotor Motor Speed Controller (SimonK Firmware)
Q450 Ghost Edition LED Night Quad-Copter Frame (KIT)


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I had this problem two months ago because I updated the firmware on the Naza V2. I reloaded the older version and it works great!

Don't forget to update the measurement offsets for the GPS to the MC. That eliminated a small oscillation I was experiencing.