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Naze 32 - No response from the bootloader, programming failed - error message


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I bought a Naze 32 on the net. I try to Flash the firmware (which is the first step in the config presented by Josh on the article for the quad) but i got this message " No response from bootloader, programming FAILED". :(

I'm new, it's my first quad, what should I do? Do you have an easy answer, kind of step by step (I'm french).

Thank you :)


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If you have installed the proper USB drivers for your operating system, if necessary, the next likely step is to try a different USB cable. Many inexpensive charging cables lack the necessary data lines.

Bon chance!


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You still need to install the USB driver or else your Mac won't "see" the Naze board.
You can download it here-
If this still does not work you'll need to obtain a USB cable that can handle the data connection.
As Mak said - they are Not all the same......
Most charging cables that come with cell phone are not capable of making a data connection.

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Did you install the appropriate driver?
If you did, what type of cable did you use?
If it was one you got with a cell phone it probably won't work.
I would buy a new one. Try Monoprice or Amazon.
You want a "real" USB cable not an OTG charging cable.

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