Stupid Naze 32/Cleanflight Question


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Ok guys,
I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, so I know I'm doing something basically incorrect.
Building my first Versa Copter. No experience with any quads or flight control boards.
I got the Naze 32 Rev6 board with the copter. Downloaded Cleanflight. Plugged the board into the computer. Went to flash the latest firmware onto the board (Naze 2.4.0). The status bar said it was successful. When I go to connect to the board on the Home page, it doesn't connect. Times out after 10sec. Cleanflight automatically selects COMM 4 at 115200. I have a constant Blue light on the board.

I watched Bixler's video online, but it is different from the Cleanflight version I have (2.1.0). I've seen some videos say you have to short the boot pins to flash the firmware, but I didn't see Bixler do this.

Any help please. My apologies if there is already a thread for this problem.


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I am newb when it comes to quads in general, but I've run into the same issue with the naze32 and Cleanflight (as well as Betaflight). Essentially, your board is "bricked" from my understanding and you will need to jump the bootloader pins. At least that's what I've had to do every time it happened. The other important part is making sure you have all of the correct drivers installed on your computer. Assuming that you don't (but if you do great!), you will find links to the drivers you need to download on the home page of Cleanflight. The biggest issue I ran into was believing I had the boot pins jumped when I really didnt. I ended up soldering a jumper wire to each boot pin and then removed it after the flash was complete. Now you probably don't need to go that far, but just thought I would share what worked for me. There is a video by Team BlackSheep I watched that helped me with a setting on my computer that I never would have found... I will post a link to that video in a minute. Good luck!


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Technically these flight controllers cannot be bricked, the bootloader is stored in ROM so they can always be flashed. You do need to short the boot pins to get it into bootloader mode, and I recommend always selecting the "Full chip erase" option. The easiest way I have found to short the pins is with a pair of metal tweezers.

If it still hangs after connecting, first try disconnecting/reconnecting the USB. If it hangs again, try rebooting the computer. Windoze can be fun ;)


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What I do on older boards with jumper pads is to tin the pads with a decent ball of solder.

First this gives a better connection since the pads are usually coated or corroded making a good short impossible.

Second it makes it easy to just put a jewelers screwdriver between them and twist a little to make the short.

I would go with betaflight since cleanflight is or has lost future support. Also I agree with Sean to do full chip erase.