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Help! Naze32 firmware issue

Hey guys, Ive been beating my head against this for the better part of the day and just can't figure it out. I can flash the firmware version 1.14.2 - NAZE to my Naze32 but if I ever go above that version, so v2.0.0 through v2.5.0 the green flashing light on the board stops and it just turns blue. As far as I have been able to find that means its in bootloader mode but after it turns blue I can no longer flash it normally and Cleanflight, Betaflight and Baseflight can no longer see it so I have to go back to 1.14.2 by holding a jumper across the boot pins. I wouldn't bother updating it to the most recent but Cleanflight requires it and its my preferred software (although I'm getting close to just switching). I am on win 7 and have reinstalled the CP210x and STM USB drivers a few times now but I'm out of ideas. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as I'm pretty sure that I'm missing something.


Wake up! Time to fly!
You can try the impulsedriverfixer tool. But to be honest those boards are no longer supported.

It would be far less frustrating to upgrade to a newer fc at this point. You will thank yourself if you did a fair amount of flying on that fc. Soooo much has changed making it much much better.
Ah darn ok, impulsedriverfixer couldn't find the board either. Any suggestions on a new fc that is the same size and if possible general layout? I was doing some research into them but theres quite a few and I don't have the knowledge for this hobby yet.


Wake up! Time to fly!
If you are planning for that quad to be around a while I suggest a new f7 flight controller.

If not you could get an f4 flight controller a little cheaper but they are next on the chopping block for support.

Most flight controllers today are pretty stable. It comes down to matching features to what you want / need to do.

Just be aware if you do not buy direct from the makers there is a fair chance of getting a clone where things have not been reverse engineered properly. Banggood is known for that crap.

Do proper research on what you want. Then search you tube for that fc and cloning. Usually people post how to spot fakes. Some times the makers do as well. Some even make them serialized where they need to be actvated in order to flash them.